Max Hair Repair

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  • Repairs and strengthens hair
  • Promotes healthy hair, skin and strong nails
  • Helps to slow down hair loss
  • Includes Biotin, Vitamin E, A, Calcium and more!

Combines vitamins and nutrients that promote stronger and healthier hair.

Take 3 tablets daily. For best results, use Max Hair Repair with Max Collagen and Max Refine for the most complete, natural beauty daily routine.

  • Powerful combination of vitamins and nutrients that support the structural foundation of healthy hair
  • Also improves skin and nails
  • Helps to slow down hair loss
A: Max Hair Repair is not medication. It is an all-natural supplement that combines vital vitamins and nutrients to help strengthen your hair. The product, along with a healthy lifestyle should take 30-60 days to start taking effect.
A: Yes, the vitamins in Max Hair Repair also help strengthen your hair and protect your skin.
A: Yes! Both products are the perfect all-natural beauty combo. For best results, take Max Collagen in the morning and Max Hair Repair later in the afternoon with a meal.

How It Works

Max Hair Repair from Next Wave Labs provides a powerful combination of vitamins and nutrients that support the structural foundation of healthy hair.

Max Hair Repair is formulated with 8 key ingredients including antioxidants and 1000 mg of Biotin per serving which plays an important role in hair retention and restoration.

Other ingredients included are Vitamin E, Vitamin A, a combination of B Vitamins and the minerals Calcium and Selenium to further improve the overall health of your hair and skin.

Basically, Max Hair Repair is like a Multi Vitamin for your hair!

Hair Repair

Combination of 8 key vitamins and nutrients that help strengthen and repair hair follicles.


May help support healthy hair, skin, and nails. May reduce hair loss if biotin deficiency is present.

Vitamin E

Powerful antioxidant that may support a healthy scalp and improve blood flow which contributes to healthy skin and hair


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  1. This is my 3rd bottle and I think it’s helping with my hair loss issues. It took time to kick in but I will continue taking.

    Carolina A.

  2. The tablets smell really bad so I wasn’t sure I wanted to take them but happy I did. In 3 weeks my hair just feels stronger and my hair stylist noticed.

    Ashley C.

  3. It took a couple of bottles but I finally see this product working. My hair is falling out less and my nails are much stronger.

    Nicole R.

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