Max O2-Endurance

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  • Promotes endurance during exercise
  • Assists with muscle recovery
  • Replenishes vital nutrients lost during exercise
  • Decreases muscle inflammation post exercise
  • No Stimulants, No Hormones, No Sugar

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Improves endurance and hydration during exercise. Improves recovery time after intense exercise. Does not contain stimulants, hormones, or harsh chemicals and can be taken at any time throughout the day.

Mix 1 scoop with 8-12 oz of water and drink during exercise. For intense training sessions, an additional scoop may be added. Use a shaker to fully dissolve ingredients.

  • Designed to improve hydration and endurance during exercise.
  • Improves recovery time after intense exercise.
  • Does not contain stimulants, hormones, or harsh chemicals.
A: Max O2 is best used during exercise.
A: You can dissolve 1 scoop in as much or as little water as desired. The less water you use, the sweeter the taste. Most people use 12-14oz of water.
A: There are no stimulants in Max O2.
A: Max O2 is best used on training days or the day after very strenuous exercise such as long-distance runs, or sporting competitions.

How It Works

Max O2 was designed with two goals. To improve Endurance and improve recovery. Each ingredient was strategically chosen to achieve those goals.

This formula was created for athletes and active individuals that care about what goes into their body. Max O2 does NOT contain any stimulants, hormones, or harsh chemicals.

Max O2 uses Carb 10 as its main source of energy because it is a low-glycemic carbohydrate which can be easily absorbed and converted into clean sustained energy. Max O2 also includes a substantial amount of electrolytes derived from Coconut Water to assist with hydration and replenishment of essential nutrients.

The addition of Beet Root Extract, and Betaine further promote muscle endurance, power, and increase the levels of nitric oxide for cardiovascular endurance.

Max O2 combines Instantized Vegan BCAAs with L-Glutamine to promote muscle recovery and improve protein synthesis. Finally, we added Cherry Pure (tart cherry extract) which accelerates post workout recovery and helps reduce inflammation in the muscles and joints.

Max O2 has raised the standard of traditional endurance powders that were full of simple sugars and inferior ingredients. So don’t get left behind! Let Max O2 help you reach your full potential!



Beet Root

Improve Nitric Oxide levels and enhance cardiovascular endurance

Coconut Powder

Hydrate and replenish important minerals with a blend of coconut powder and electrolytes for optimal endurance.


Muscle recovery and improved protein synthesis


Low glycemic carbohydrate. Easily absorbed for sustained energy


Limit muscle breakdown and improve the muscle’s ability to repair itself after exercise 


Tropical Punch


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Max O2-Endurance Love

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  1. As someone who plays sports and tries to stay active, this product has been great for me. I feel l can train longer and my body feels great the next day. I’m glad I found a non stimulant product since I do a lot of my activities in the evenings.

    John D.

  2. Love this product! As I get older, I notice that my body does not respond well to most workout supplements (i.e. I would get jittery, heart palpitations, etc.) I don’t experience any of these symptoms with this product, probably because it is stimulant free. As a triathlete, this is a perfect product for training and recover. Will continue to use.

    Chris M.

  3. I am a long distance cyclist and I like jogging as well so I decided to try this product. After four weeks of use I can say it helps me recover after a long session and I have noticed that I am able to exercise a bit longer than usual. I like that the product can be taken before, during or after training depending on what I plan on doing. The taste is a bit sweet so I dilute it with more water and sip on it during the training session. I will continue taking and recommend this to anyone involved in sports or endurance training.

    William V.

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